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NEMO - What’s it all about?

In 2025, use of the new Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO will be introduced in Finland. The service will be a national "single window" for maritime traffic notifications and will replace the current Portnet service. Welcome to the project website, where you can see how the new Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO will be built little by little to its full scope. In addition to the current news bulletins, the website also contains a large background package, which will help you learn more about the legislation guiding planning and development work.

Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO is a new national maritime information management system through which passenger and cargo ships can submit notifications on port calls and is intended for use by all operators working on statutory port calls. The service is based on an EU regulation that will aim to harmonise notifications within the EU in the future.

All information needs with only one notification

Most importantly, Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO will introduce a change to the manner in which statutory notifications for port calls are submitted: in the future, information related to the reporting obligation will only be entered into the system once, and from there it will be automatically sent to several different recipients. In other words, the amount of manual work conducted via telephone and e-mail will decrease, and you will no longer need to enter information into different systems several times. 

The system includes the current familiar reporting obligations, in addition to which the service will include a new Customs goods declaration.

Entire sector building the project together - join us in its development

Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO will be built in close cooperation with port operators and authorities. This will ensure that the service meets the requirements set for it when it is commissioned in 2025. Shipping companies, shipbrokers, forwarders, shippers, transport companies and ports, port operators and various authorities are involved in the development work. Everyone who wants to take part in development work is welcome to do so!

The aim is to build Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO into a platform, which, in addition to the statutory sections, will allow various port operators to develop the service further according to their own needs. 

Fintraffic Vessel Traffic Services is responsible for the planning, maintenance and in-use support of Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO. Fintraffic is a special assignment group owned by the Finnish state operating under the ownership steering of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. At its VTS Centres, Fintraffic vessel traffic services monitors the efficiency and safety of maritime traffic along Finland’s coast and develops the new service models required by the automation of shipping. In these models data can be used to improve the competitiveness of the sector and the effectiveness and safety of vessel traffic.

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