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Finnish Maritime Single Window

In 2025, use of the new Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO will be introduced in Finland. The service will be a national "single window" for maritime traffic notifications and will replace the current Portnet service. 

Acquisition and conceptualization

Development and testing

Implementation and improvements

EMSW Regulation to simplify day-to-day work of port operators

Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO is Finland's response to EU Regulation 2019/1239, the main objective of which is to create uniform methods for submitting the notifications required by the vessel report from the notifier to the authorities and to ensure that the same information can be submitted in the same way to all national maritime information management systems in the EU member states. The regulation is also referred to as the European Maritime Single Window or EMSW.

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How can I get involved in the development of the new system?

Would you like to know how your organisation could benefit from Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO and how it could get involved in developing functionalities that will simplify the day-to-day work of port operators? Join stakeholder work!

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