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Background Regulation

Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO is Finland's response to EU Regulation 2019/1239, the main objective of which is to create uniform methods for submitting the notifications required by the vessel report from the notifier to the authorities and to ensure that the same information can be submitted in the same way to all national maritime information management systems in the EU member states. The regulation is also referred to as the European Maritime Single Window or EMSW.

Statutory port call notifications to the EU's common information management system

The EMSW Regulation requires EU Member States to submit statutory port call notifications for passenger and freight vessels to a common information management system harmonised at EU level by 2025. For this purpose, each Member State must have a National Maritime Single Window (NMSW), which in Finland has up until now been Portnet which has been in use for a long time. However, for economic and technical reasons, it makes no sense to use the system coming to the end of its lifecycle as a platform for the service required by the EU. That is why a completely new system is being built: Finland’s NMSW, i.e. Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO.

EMSW Regulation to simplify day-to-day work of port operators

The EMSW Regulation has two main objectives:

  1. To reduce the administrative burden on port operators by simplifying and harmonising reporting obligations related to ships port calls. From 2025 onwards, one notification will ensure that the information contained in notifications will be automatically transferred to all parties that need it under the law .
  2. To establish uniform methods for submitting port call notifications in the same way to all national maritime information management systems in the EU.

Read more about the EU Regulation here: EU Regulation 2019/1239 establishing a European Maritime Single Window environment and repealing Directive 2010/65/EU

How the EU's harmonised information management system works in practice

The EU defines the format in which Member States must submit the information on statutory notifications related to port calls in the common system. National information management systems will be integrated into the EU's harmonised information management system using the interface module provided by the European Commission.

Finland’s port operators manage statutory reporting obligations by entering the notifications’ information in Maritime Traffic Notification Service NEMO. The provision of information must comply with the single notification principle, i.e. information that has been submitted once does not need to be reported again. The information contained in the notifications is automatically transferred to the EU system, from which the information flows smoothly to all parties that need it under the law. 

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